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The Valley


Est. 1988

The Valley Nursery School aims for the children in our care to be happy and healthy with high levels of wellbeing. To take a holistic and nurturing approach in the Early Years to provide each child with the greatest opportunity to achieve their full potential.


We believe that our Nursery should be a place where children are able to learn with confidence, both independently and in groups. We believe that successes should be shared and celebrated and differences should be respected and valued. We strive to increase the

self-esteem of our children, by helping them to develop an enquiring and enthusiastic

approach to their learning. 

We encourage our children to be independent learners, to challenge themselves and talk about their own processes and successes.

Ofsted Inspection Report for
Early Years Provision - 2015


'Staff provide stimulating activities for children, which successfully promote interest and

learning through play. Children make good progress in their development because they

are inquisitive and confident learners due to the effective teaching. '


'Staff are kind, caring and attentive towards children. They enjoy their work and

create a nurturing environment.'


'The nursery has a significant strength in outdoor learning. Children thrive in the fresh air and have

great fun as they investigate. They show eager curiosity, creativity and competent physical skills as

they play in the various outdoor areas.'

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