Events - September 2021 to 2022

Pete the Bear

Pete the Bear is back on his travels visiting the homes of all the children in Pre-school 1.

We love hearing about all his adventures at the children's homes and learning all about their family life and experiencing the different customs and routines.  He loves to join in with whatever children normally do at their homes.


Pete the Bear has a special diary to record the fun times and he loves it if children and their parents can help fill it up by writing a note about what they have done together, and by maybe adding some photos or drawings so everyone can see the fun he has had!!

pete the bear 2.jpg
pete the bear 1.jpg
Learning Together - September 2021

Pre-school 1 parents joined us for a session at Forest Session.  Everyone was involved in a typical Forest School session as well as having the opportunity to discuss with staff and key worker's, the curriculum taught in our Forest School setting.  Parents took part in various activities including exploring blackberry playdough, roasting marshmallows, painting with sweetcorn and apples,  and reading stories in the story tent.  We also played maths pizza games and all had fun teaching our parents the rules at forest school and showing them all the fun we have on a daily basis.

We had some amazing feed back from our parents.

"the setting allows children freedom to pursue their own interests whilst being encouraged to try new things"

"The children are so happy.  The amount of open ended play is incredible - the children are learning without realising they are learning".

Remembrance Day

Pre-school 1 had the opportunity to handle real medals and memorabilia from World War One and Two, to learn and understand a little bit more about our history.